Holey Console Table
Allowing passage within and without.
But more to the point, let's investigate the etymology of the word 'holy'.  The English word holy dates back to at least the 11th Century.  An adjective, meaning whole and used to mean sound, entire, and complete.  It is this meaning, and not the more common one of divine power, that interests me.  Further, the Hebrew word for holiness, kedushah, has the connotation of separateness.

Holey is a console table that employs both a resolved feeling and a separation of the ovular center and the remaining bulk.  The center is a brushed metal while the rest is chromed.  The play on form, undulating at all cross sections, the material changes, and the ability to place objects inside and out makes this functional and sculptural all at once.

Production will be limited to 5 pieces and will be created on demand.  Advanced electroplating techniques will be employed.  Size can be adjusted but proposed at 84x32x32"h.

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