Urban Sophistication.

This book is dedicated to my loving and supportive family. I must give special thanks to my wife and my parents whose unwaivering encouragement has been my greatest source of inspiration.
Back Cover / Front Cover
Copyright / Dedication
Urban Sophistication / Front Flap (JPD) / Back Flap (Bio)
Al Dente Dining Chairs / Al Dente Cocktail Table

Bamboo Chairs
Bamboo Pedestals
Bamboo Pedestals
Bandits Sculptures
Birdie Table
Black Scoop Chair
Blonde Table
Bottlecap'd Table
Bubble Ring Vases
Bulb Urn in White/Silver & Black/Gold
Cap'd Tables in Natural & Walnut
Clouds Lounge Chairs
Continuum Dining Table
Core Vases / Umbrella Stands
Corocotta Tables in Teak & Rosewood
Cross Hatch'd Dining Table
Dis & Dat Chairs
Dis & Dat Chairs
Dish Tables
Droop Table
Droplet Dining Table
Droplet Tables
Flexi Modular Benches
Fondue Fountain / Sculpture
Grain Mesh Low Table
Holey Console / Credenza
Leaf Planters
Link'd Table
Lloyd Table
Map Collection feat. New York Cocktail, New Jersey Side, and California Console
Maple Table
Mellow Small Tables / Stools
Monolith Tables
Off Kilter Dining Collection
Orange Slice Dresser
Oscuro Collection
Pagoda Tables
Pantheon Table
Penta Chunk Table / Sign'd on Stand
Picasso Bull Sculpture
Pigeon-toed Table
Plank'd Orb Table / Outdoor Seat
Plyboo Cocktail Table
Pondero Sculpture
Poof'd Chrome Seat
Poof'd Lacquered Seats
Precipitation Tables
Rebar Table
Ring Stepped Fountain
Ripple Tables
Rock'n Lounge Chair
Rockstar Lounge Chair
Rockstar Loveseat
Scoop Loveseat
Sideways Credenza
Silver Lumber Table
Simplify'd Dining Table in Walnut
Simplify'd Dining Table in White / Glass
Skeletal'd Consoles
Sliced Stone Collection
Spare Change Dining Table
Spotlight Chair
Square Root Dining Table
Stack'd Dining Table
Stack'd Table Bases in White, Chrome, Walnut, Black, and Burled
Staircase'd Credenza
Starfish Table
Stripe Credenza
Suction Vase / Umbrella Stand
Sweep Low Table
Swept Tables
Sy'd Loveseat
Triad Writing Desk
Twist Bamboo Tables
Twist Bamboo Tables
Warp'd Loveseat
Thanks for experiencing my designs :)

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