Picasso Bull Console
A master class on abstract art.
Pablo Picasso sketched his famous series of Bull plates in December 1945.  A deconstruction and devolution of the creature to an abstract geometry.  Eleven lithographs in total become a masterwork of bringing realism to abstractionism.  Since then, the bull has become a central theme of many of Picasso's future works.  A mysterious metaphor, perhaps representing the heart of Spain and his own self image.

This reinterpretation is of the eleventh and final drawing, 'Plate XI'. Composed painstakingly to scale, and then extruded to make it dimensional, the piece can serve as a shelving unit or console.

Finished in black chrome to represent the sleek beast but also the charcoal lines of Picasso's works.  Steel substructure.  Limited to 11 pieces as homage to the grand master.  Pricing available upon request.

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