Functional Tubularity.
A pipe is a tubular section or hollow cylinder, usually but not necessarily of circular cross-section. Often used for structural applications, and interestingly a hollow pipe is far stiffer per unit weight than a solid pipe. A reference to rigidity and permanence versus a hose which is usually portable and flexible.

The design challenge was to create a series of benches, stools and small tables that took cues from piping and joints. The points of intersection had to be simple and clean and all the versions had to relate to each other but be a compelling standalone design at the same time.

The Pipe Benches are all 17 inches in diameter and constructed from cold-pressed steel that is rolled and welded on the underside. A pebbled black powder coat ensures they can withstand outdoor use. The small one-seater measures 20x20x17"h, the medium bench 40x20x17"h, the large curved bench 80x30x17"h and the tri-tipped 72x72x17"h.

Custom dimensions, materials and finishes by request.  
 One-seater - 20x20x17"h
Medium Bench - 40x20x17"h
 Tri-tipped Bench - 72x72x17"h
 Large Curved Bench - 80x30x17"h
 Side Table w/ Glass Top - dia26x22"h

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