Function follows visual appearance.
Treforma is inspired by objects and the way they reflect and transmit light.  The color of objects is determined by the parts of the spectrum of light that are reflected without being absorbed.  Secondary attributes like glossy, sheen, and translucency are made clear by the directional distribution of the reflected or transmitted light.  

Treforma is a study of diffusion and scattering; where surfaces can change in many directions, without the change in inherent nature of the components.  Three tables, formed by bending tinted glass, nest together to form a single unit.  Both an art piece and a functional space-saver in smaller spaces, it is the decision of the client how to use it.

Dimensions are 54x32x18"h for the large, 48x32x16"h for the medium, and 24x32x14"h for the small.  Pricing and availability available upon request.  

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