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According to several historians, Corocotta was aCantabrian warrior leader during the 1st century BC. His great achievement wasthe union of the disperse Cantabri clans in an alliance against the invadingRoman armies, to the great exasperation of the powerful empire.
He fought against Rome from the years 29 BC to 19 BC. TheRoman historian Dio Cassius relates the story of this robber who causednumerous difficulties for the Roman Army. Such was his fame that during thecampaign of Emperor Augustus in Cantabria from 26-25 BC, a price of 200,000sestercii was put on his head. To the emperor's astonishment, none other thanCorocotta himself walked into the Roman camp, presenting himself and demandingthe reward. In a gesture to Corocotta's bravery, the Augustus let him go aftergranting him the money.

The Corocotta Table comes in either light or dark stained teak wood.  The cubes are reclaimed from end cuts of standard furniture production.  They are sculpted and threaded through a steel armature that creates the rigidity to allow for a floating top.  Tempered glass completes the finish.  Dimensions are 44x34x15"h.

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