Who knew algorithms and topography were related!
Topological sweeping is a form of the plane sweep with a relaxedordering that avoids the necessity of relying on points to form a shape; in doing so sweep line algorithms can beperformed more efficiently.  A sweep line is a type of algorithm that uses a curvature to solve various problems in space. It is one of the key techniques in computational geometry.

Sweep Low Table has a gentle, undulating curve that loops around a form to define it softy.  Using hybrid resin and concrete materials to create the core and a highly-durable black lacquer for the finish, the collection works great both indoors and out, in residential and commercial applications.  The Swept Occasional Table is a rescaled version of the larger sister piece, and is finished in glossy white.

Dimensions are 60x30x15"h and 22x22x22"h, respectively.  Limited production pieces. 

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